Souper Bowl

One of our favorite days of the year is "Souper Bowl Sunday," the same day the Super Bowl Game is played.  During the weeks building up to the morning of the Souper Bowl, the worship space is divided into friendly rival teams, the Loaves and the Fishes, on the organ and pulpit sides.  Each team attempts to outdo the other in bringing in more items and funds for the LSS Choice Food Pantry.  Our congregation typically is one of the top congregations across the Synod for what we bring in for LSS.

Following worship we all gather in the basement for a meal and a trivia game with questions about football or the Bible.  Again, the Loves and the Fishes attempt to collect more points than the other side.  The whole day is great fun and the real winners are the clients that benefit from all our hard work gathering food and funds.  Bishop Suzanne Dillahunt (left) and our friends from The Refuge were our special guests in 2015. 

Please visit our Scrapbook page for lots more photos of our Souper Bowl Sunday.

Dart Ball      

Grace has a Dart Ball Team that plays in an interchurch league.  Our dedicated players are serious about their fun!  Again, please visit our Scrapbook Page for lots more photos from Dart Ball Adventures.  Grace's Team won the League Championship in 2017!

The Team welcomes new members and plays during the winter season on Monday evenings.  For more information, contact Gary Ruff.

More from TAG

The Teens at Grace (TAG) attended the National Youth Gathering in Detroit in July 2015.  They worked together to raise funds for this trip and this getting ready was as much fun as the trip itself.  We are very thankful for the generous and wonderful support of the congregation which made getting to Detroit a reality.  We love this congregation and the many ways everyone pulls together for great ministry opportunities like this trip.

A new crop of teens are gearing up to attend the next gathering in Houston in 2018.

You will find a host of pictures in the Scrapbook from our Trip.  Please visit there to see what we got to do.  :)

We Love to Play!

We have frequent opportunities to come together to enjoy food and fellowship.  From Church Pool Parties at the Mongold House to Picnics at the Martins.  We have gone to the Skyview for a Drive In Movie Night or just stayed at Grace for our own outdoor movie night.  We have had ice cream socials, visited the Family Fun Center in the Hocking Hills for mini-golf and go carts, and go out to eat after Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services.  We also enjoy a tasty Easter Breakfast prepared by the men of the church (above).  The congregation also gathers for a Fall Festival in October (below) and Christmas Caroling for our Homebound in December.  The women of the church have a Christmas Luncheon at a local restaurant.  All these wonderful activities are made possible by the generosity of our members and the hospitality they share.

You will find many more pictures of fellowship activites in our Scrap Book Section.

We invite you to be part of our family at play.